ChatGPT Gives NPCs Minds in Scary Skyrim Mod

Modders are using ChatGPT, the latest technical bugaboo, to generate endless dialogue and audio in Skyrim, a spooky glimpse at our AI-ruled future.

According to PC Gamer, modder Art From The Machine used dark science and ingenuity to hacksaw AI vocalisers xVASynth (text-to-speech) and Whisper (speech-to-text) into the game. This lets NPCs talk but opens up some crazy possibilities. Art From The Machine is adding a basic NPC memory system so they can recall player interactions.

The in-game clock lets Ulfberth War-Bear know when local shops close. He can describe a weapon, its modifications, and its use: “It looks like a well-made iron sword with a soul gem in the hilt. Its enchantment lets the wielder steal enemy souls.”

How do you feel about this glimpse of the AI-dominated future prophets and visionaries have warned us about for decades?