Strictly Limited Will Release ‘Eschatos’ Physically

On May 21, 2023, Strictly Limited will begin pre-orders for a physical version of Eschatos, a fantastic shmup.

The Strictly Limited website has listings. Standard and special editions will be available. The former is normal Switch packaging with the game.

However, the latter is more intriguing and costs less than £50, making it quite tempting. This version includes:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch with reversible cover
  • Special Limited Edition Box
  • Colorful Game Manual
  • Three Disc Soundtrack (Eschatos Original/Eschatos Arranged/Judgement Silversword)
  • Judgement Silversword Miniature Replica Retro Box
  • Eschatos Instruction Card Desk Pad
  • Two WS Color Cartridge Label Stickers
  • Fours Mosaic Style Mini Posters

Nice, right? If you’re undecided, read our 9/10 assessment of the game.