Zelda Developers Reveal The Stinkiest Link

We’ve often wondered about the Legend of Zelda franchise and its protagonist, Link. Strongest Link? How does he relax? He sleeps how long?

The stinkiest Link has never been considered. Consider the strenuous exercise Link puts himself through in each game, but which version of Link stinks the most? We’re confused.

Wired asked longtime producer Eiji Aonuma and Tears of the Kingdom director Hidemaro Fujibayashi which Link smells the worst after a TikToker ranked them by smell. Aonuma agreed with Link from Breath of the Wild (and Tears of the Kingdom) that the Barbarian Armor would stink.

Fujibayashi chose Link from Twilight Princess because he digs through dirt, runs through dungeons as a wolf, and fights the Goron tribe (quiet there in the back!).

“There are some scenes in Twilight Princess where Link engages in sumo wrestling with the Goron tribe. I imagine he’s pretty smelly in that situation.”