River City Girls 2 Gets A Switch Performance Update

Update: WayForward announced that all first parties have received this River City Girls 2 patch. Frame rate enhancements, a “repeat New Game+ playthrough,” and more were previously announced.

“The River City Girls 2 performance update has now been submitted to all first parties! This includes framerate improvements, repeat New Game+ playthroughs, and numerous other fixes. Due to cross-play, the patch will launch once it is approved on all platforms in all regions.”

Original: River City Girls 2 is a good co-op beat-em-up. When the first game premiered in 2019, it remained the classic Kunio-kun game. The second game adds new characters, moves, and more to the excitement.

WayForward will deliver a “performance patch” for all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, after the second game’s release late last year. It will have “repeat New Game+ playthroughs” and frame rate increases when it’s finished.

All good patches fix bugs.