Rune Factory 6 and ‘Project Dragon’ Officially Unveiled

Rune Factory: Project Dragon’s reveal at Marvelous’ showcase today was a highlight. Rune Factory 6 was also announced.

“Eastern lands with a Japanese-style aesthetic” are the setting for this fantasy lifestyle series spin-off. Tsukuda Kenichiro, Fujii Hisashi, and Maekawa Shiro produce Project Dragon. Series director:

“Players have never been able to visit these lands, as the games only vaguely mentioned that such a place exists. Until now! Players will finally be able to explore this eastern nation!”

“In Project Dragon, the adventure will unfold in a completely new setting with characters and scenery designed in a Japanese style… we’re going to deliver an experience unique from the main series while expanding upon familar elements such as your day-to-day life, adventuring, and romantic pursuits…dragons will be important to the story”