Zelda: Kingdom Tears May’s “Most Watched” Twitch Game

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release in May was a huge milestone for Nintendo. The same month, it topped the charts and Twitch.

Tears of the Kingdom placed ninth in GamesIndustry.biz’s May “most watched” list. 37 million hours were watched. Compared to other platform games:

– League of Legends – 124 million hours
– Valorant – 102 million hours
– Grand Theft Auto V – 94 million hours
– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 87 million hours
– Minecraft – 59 million hours
– World of Warcraft – 52 million hours
– Dota 2 – 50 million hours
– Apex Legends – 39 million hours
– The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – 37 million hours

Twitch’s May viewership was 1.76 billion hours, up 5% from April. This is a year-over-year improvement, with May “back on top” as a dominant month.

Over the past month, Zelda viewership has skyrocketed. Our poll found that 46% of Switch owners had played Tears of the Kingdom for 25 to 60 hours just weeks after its release.