Player reveals Bloodborne alpha glitch that unlocks extra content

One of the users involved in the alpha version of Bloodborne, From Software’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, posted a video on Youtube, showing off features that were not supposed to be in this version of the game.

The user, calling himself “Sanadsk” (you can’t miss that considering the huge watermark with his name he put on the video) shows a glitch that users who play the alpha version of Bloodborne can use in order to access locations that they are not supposed to. As you can see for yourself, if you throw some pebbles at the specific pit shown in the video, you will be able to get to the lever and open the gate. Furthermore, the Bloodborne alpha tester managed to unlock new areas, containing different enemies, including giant pigs or rats. He also finds new weapons and armor in the unlocked area. Last but not least, the video shows a boss fight against an enemy named Priest Gascoigne, which, most likely, was not supposed to appear in the Alpha version. The video ends with the player falling through the game world, suggesting that he is playing an unfinished version, in which these kinds of bugs are frequent.

Following the discovery of this glitch by this and several other users that participated in the Alpha, From Software decided to postpone the third day of testing (which was supposed to take place on October 5), until they manage to fix the issue. The developer didn’t specify when the Alpha resumes, stating that they will announce their users when it will happen.

Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, developed by From Software and published by Sony’s Japan Studio. It will be releaased on February 5, 2015 in Japan and on February 6 for the rest of the world. The game acts as a follow-up to the developer’s “Dark Souls”. Bloodborne is an action role-playing game, which features both a single campaign and a multiplayer co-op mode.