Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince “Sneak Peek”—Heroes, Story, and World

Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, a new ‘Monsters’ spin-off, last month.

If you’ve played Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, you’ll recognize Psaro, who’s cursed by his father and can’t harm monsters. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch on December 1.

He becomes a Monster Wrangler to avenge his father in disobedience. He’ll meet Rose, Toilen Trubble, and over 500 monsters in Nadiria.

Square Enix revealed “a new look at Dragon Quest” with people, monsters, and settings. Take a look:


Rose & Toilen Trubble

“Rose is a gentle, kind-hearted soul, but unafraid to stand up for what she believes in.”

“A young researcher of magic with a self-confessed propensity for five-finger discounts, Toilen joins Psaro to scour Nadiria for magical ingredients not found in the human world.”


“This cheeky creature has made it her life’s mission to seek out the best and brightest monster wranglers of the world. Fizzy becomes something of a mentor to Psaro, and teaches him the basics of monster wrangling.”


“These monster allies will join the hero on their adventure, fighting in their stead against the enemies they encounter.”

Dragon Quest creatures: The Dark Prince has almost 500 creatures again. The game’s online features let you fight Monster Wranglers worldwide.


Seasons in Nadiria change monsters.

DLC will include more Psaro costumes. ‘Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym’ lets players explore randomly created dungeons and fight strong monsters. Square Enix’s website has information and screenshots.