Kung Fu Tea X Nintendo Partnership Announces Pikmin 4 “Limited-Time” Bubble Tea

Kung Fu Tea, an American bubble tea manufacturer, announced a special partnership with Nintendo ahead of Pikmin 4 later this month.

Kung Fu Tea will provide an exclusive new flavor, Pikmin-themed cups, lids, “and more” as part of this. A “refreshing new limited-time” drink inspired by the small buds will be offered in August with cups with the original red, yellow, and blue Pikmin.

An special straw top will “transform” the drink into your favorite Pikmin. This cooperation was described by Kung Fu Tea marketing manager Matthew Poveromo:

“Kung Fu Tea is incredibly excited to be partnered with Nintendo to celebrate the release of the Pikmin 4 game. We can’t wait to give the dedicated fanbase surrounding the Pikmin franchise something new with a Kung Fu Tea twist! The curious creatures are the perfect match for our brand and community. We’re confident that this partnership will bring the joy of fearless exploration for boba lovers and Pikmin fans alike!”

Pikmin’s bubble tea isn’t the first. Pokémon has launched similar promotions.

Pikmin 4’s Switch eShop demo is available now if you can’t wait. The complete game will carry over your save progress.