Beautiful Pixel Art and Easy Action-RPG Gameplay in “Ginsha”

Ginsha, a 2D action-adventure game, will debut on the Switch eShop on August 24th, 2023, according to publisher PolarityFlow.

Ginsha features six unique worlds to explore with interconnected sections filled with tons of foes, boss battles, and loot. It also boasts amazing pixel art aesthetics, traditional Metroidvania design, and smooth action-RPG gameplay.

You can earn new skills, equipment improvements, and other items to help you survive the hostile environment by using the scanner that comes with your character to record everything you come across on your quest.

Let’s examine the salient characteristics:

– Fully customizable versatile Platformer Core
– Unique Directional Gravity Shield Mechanics
– Huge Open World full of Secrets and Easter eggs
– Fast Paced Combat with Free Aim or Aim Assist
– RPG Mechanics, Quests and Inventory System
– Be good or evil – Dialogue & Karma System
– Companion Drones, Crafting & Survival Elements
– A wide variety of Weapon Types, tools, items and gadgets
– Unique Alien Couple vs Symbiont Story
– Scan & Rebuild Mechanics with InGame Wiki
– Driven by Rewarded Exploration and infinite Replayability