This August, the 16-bit-inspired “Tiny Thor” will launch for the Switch

We’ve been keeping a watch on Tiny Thor from Asylum Square and Gameforge for a while, and today Nintendo Life can exclusively disclose that the small guy will be arriving on Switch with Mjölnir in hand, on August 3rd 2023.

Tiny Thor is a 16-bit-style platforming adventure with pixel art by seasoned artist Henk Nieborg and a soundtrack by Turrican veteran Chris Hülsbeck. Tiny Thor’s June Steam release received a “Very Positive” reception, so we’re happy to see that it’ll be coming to our favorite platform in the coming weeks.

To learn more about what this tiny god of thunder has in store, watch the trailer announcing the release date above. Because we love 16-bit graphics, we’re crossing our fingers that this tiny platformer can match the standards set by the Mega Drive and Super NES.

The team behind the game appears to agree that the game is a strong fit for Switch. Jochen Heizmann, a co-founder of Asylum Square, and Flavio Canciani, the game’s lead producer, are shown below, followed by a few screenshots:

“We’re very happy that the mightiest, but tiniest, god of thunder is making his way onto the Nintendo Switch,” said Jochen Heizmann, Asylum Square co-founder. “Not only does it open up Tiny Thor to a whole new audience, but the ability to take his adventure on the go means that you can embody the diminutive demigod and continue his quest from anywhere.”

“Our excitement for the Switch release has us bouncing like mini-Mjölnir,” joked Flavio Canciani, lead producer of Tiny Thor. “We’ve seen the hugely positive response to the PC release and are so happy that PC players are enjoying Thor’s quest. Now it’s time to bring the wondrous journey to Switch, where we sincerely hope that console players will enjoy Thor’s adventure too.”


When Tiny Thor debuts on the Switch eShop in August, he will cost you €19.99, £16.75, $19.99 USD, $25.99 CAD, or its regional equivalent.