Blasphemous 2’s Switch Trailer Is Deliciously Gory

Blasphemous 2, The Game Kitchen’s highly anticipated Metroidvania sequel, is nearing its Switch release on August 24, 2023.

Team17 opened pre-orders and released a new gameplay trailer featuring gory combat and gorgeous pixel art to celebrate.

Key game features:

┬áSAVAGE COMBAT – The Penitent One shows no mercy, and with a series of new weapons offering new moves, brutal executions, and expanded combos, destruction will rain on any that stand in his way.

– BOSS BATTLES – Hordes of monstrous foes stand between you and your goal; twisted bosses with unique attack patterns and sundering abilities will put your skills to the test as you fight to stand triumphant when the dust settles.

– PLAY YOUR WAY – Blasphemous 2 offers up new ways to play, with the ability to customize and improve your base skillset, alongside several new unique weapons to unleash devastating attacks on enemies.

– STRANGE NEW WORLD – A whole new world awaits, bustling with mysterious NPCs to interact with. The stories and myths you encounter will help you unpick the games myriad of secrets, granting you a deeper understanding of this strange new world.