Earthbound Documentary Will Explore Online Community Power

On November 27, 2023, an EarthBound documentary ten years in the making will examine online communities and how an Earthbound fansite gained remarkable traction while “butting heads with corporate goliaths”.

After starting as a passion project in 2013, Jazzy Benson’s documentary “Earthbound USA” will be available on Fangamer. The 100-minute documentary will feature exclusive interviews from:

– Shigesato Itoi ( MOTHER Series Creator)
– Gail Tilden (Former Director of Publications Nintendo of America)
– Tomato (Starmen.Net co-founder / MOTHER 3 Fan Translation)
– Reid Young (Starmen.Net & Fangamer co-founder)
– Peer Schneider (Chief Content Officer IGN)
– Andy Myers (Former Writer Nintendo Power Magazine)
– Steve Demeter (Neo DemiForce Fan Translation Team)
– Marcus Lindblom (Localization Director of MOTHER 2 )
– and Reid’s parents (who didn’t understand any of it)

Zion, our lovely video producer, has a detailed look at Earthbound’s history.