Paper Mario-Inspired ‘Born Of Bread’ Demo on Switch eShop

Dear Villagers’ Paper Mario-inspired RPG Born of Bread has a playable demo available on the European eShop (get an additional European account if you’re in another region).

The game has no release date, so it’s refreshing to play a sample of something that may be a while off. As a ‘Flour Golem’, you must fight alongside a colorful cast of characters using his diverse abilities. Attacks require specific button prompts to maximize damage, and knowing your enemies’ weaknesses gives you an advantage.

Dear Villagers provides more information:

Artistic direction
Unique artistic direction
Born of Bread’s visuals are a nice mix of 2D characters evolving in a 3D world.
While the camera angle is fixed like in a side-scroller, the environment features a lot of depth and players are encouraged to explore the vast levels.

A light-hearted storyline
Born of Bread is packed with humor and likable characters.
The storyline while tackling serious topics, such as characters growth and the consequences of choices, always manages to remain joyful and funny.

A wonderful cast of buddies!
Loaf quest will take him to every corners of the kingdom, where he will meet new buddies who will tag along on his adventure.
Each buddy will bring their own set of abilities to the party to help, either in combat or during exploration.

Weapon types
Born of Bread’s combat system features different type of weapons with a combination of physical damage types that enemies can resist & special damage types to which enemies are weak to. Find the most efficient combination to overcome villains in style.

QTE turn-based combats
In addition to weaknesses and resistances, each type of weapon comes with a QTE that makes combat more interactive and fun.