In shift to more agile and focused studio, EA Dev BioWare “Eliminating” 50 Jobs

BioWare, developer of Baldur’s Gate, STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic, and Mass Effect, is “eliminating approximately 50 roles” at the studio.

It will become a “more agile and more focused studio” to meet changing needs, allowing developers to iterate quickly, unleash creativity, and form a clear vision of the games before ramping up development. This “extremely difficult” decision will “preserve the health of the studio” and let it focus on “create exceptional story-driven single-player experiences filled with vast worlds and rich characters.”

EA will offer “internal opportunities” to affected colleagues, but not everyone will get a new role. BioWare remains committed to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and other projects. Pre-production on the new Mass Effect game continues.

As cliche as this sounds, there truly is never a good time to enact changes like this, but we trust that we have the right leaders and team in place with vision, passion, and proven track records to deliver world-class Dragon Age and Mass Effect experiences that our fans will love. – BioWare general manager, Gary McKay

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t seen any new BioWare games, but other developers and publishers have brought many of its older games to the hybrid system. Never Winter Nights and the original Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars game are examples.