Switch Rated Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition

This classification may surprise you! The North American ESRB rated the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition for multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, according to social media.

The ‘E10+’ action-adventure game features animated blood and fantasy violence. A summary of the rating provides some insight into this unannounced release:

“This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of a reporter accompanied by a pig-like companion investigating a conspiracy on the planet of Hillys. From a third-person perspective, players explore fantasy locations, take photos of evidence, solve puzzles, and fight robot and alien enemies. Combat is sometimes fast-paced, with players using melee weapons (e.g., staffs, torches) to strike stylized enemies that generally break apart or vanish into puffs of smoke. One boss battle depicts a squid-like alien stabbed in the eye, with yellow-green splatter effects.”

Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil debuted on GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 in November 2003. The game’s 20th anniversary is approaching, so Ubisoft will likely announce this latest version soon.

Regarding the sequel. Ubisoft is developing Beyond Good and Evil 2. The publisher confirmed earlier this year that the ambitious sequel’s development team was still working on it despite few updates.

Would you play Ubisoft’s action-adventure again?