Forgotten what happened in Pokémon scarlet and violet Nintendo’s Story Recap

People, today’s the day. We now have ‘The Teal Mask’, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s first DLC, after its February Pokémon Presents announcement. Nintendo is here to refresh your memory of the base game.

Nintendo recaps the main game’s key moments in a new video released today to prepare us for the DLC. The Scarlet and Violet plot was shallow, so this is more of a whistle-stop tour, but it’s good to catch up.

The recap then details ‘The Teal Mask’ and ‘Indigo Disk’ DLC packs. Many of us will be diving into the former today, so you can watch along for a reminder of what’s in store—no spoilers here.

The second DLC pack is still listed as ‘This Winter’, so the above video is a good way to stay updated.