Etrian Odyssey 5 Announced in New Teaser

Etrian Odyssey 5 was announced today through a new teaser trailer released by developer Atlus. The fifth numbered entry to the series, not much is known about the upcoming title, other than the fact that it is on the way. While this is the fifth numbered title in the series, Etrian Odyssey 5 will be the seventh title to released. Along with the numbered titles in the series, there are two remakes of the first two games in the series.

The newest numbered entry, Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, released on the 3DS in North America early last year. The title was the first game in the series to be released on the 3DS. The latest title, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, released on the 3DS in October of last year. A remake of the first game, The Millennium Girl featured animated cut scenes and voice acting. The game had released in North America in fall of 2013.

A remake of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard is on the way as well. Entitled Etrian Odyssey Untold II: The Knight of Fafnir, the title follows in the same vein as The Millennium Girl. Already slated for a Japan release, there has been no word on if and when the title will make its way overseas. Like Millennium Girl, The Knight of Fafnir will include many new features, cut scenes, and an orchestrated soundtrack.

There is no word on what system or systems Etrian Odyssey 5 will release on. It can be assumed that the game will be a handheld title like the rest of the series has been. There is no official release date at the moment, and no word on whether or not the title will be released outside of Japan. As every Etrian Odyssey title has made its way West, it can only be assumed that the fifth entry will also make its way here eventually.