Today’s Free Update: Spooky Fishing Sim ‘Dredge’ Reels in Boat Customization and More

Dredge’s third free update was released today by Team17 and Black Salt Games. Additionally, you can catch this one today.

The latest free update adds stylish boat customization and 13 new creepy crustaceans called ‘craberrations’. Dredging up these newbies will unlock more trawler customization options, so use your sea legs and get back out there.

Talk to the new ‘Painter’ character in the game’s starting area to change your ship’s appearance. This lets you choose a flag and paint to make your boat feel at home. Full patch notes from Black Salt Games are here.

A photo and ‘cosy’ mode were added earlier this year, making today’s update the third free update on Dredge. According to the game’s 2023 roadmap, the only remaining content is a Q4 paid DLC about the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation.

We enjoyed seeing Dredge sail onto Switch in March, so we’re excited for its future.