Small Adventure ‘A Tiny Sticker Tale’ Stuck On Switch Today

A Tiny Sticker Tale, Ogre Pixel’s latest cozy game, launches on Switch today.

Follow adorable donkey Flynn as he searches for his father and uses a magical sticker book to change the world. The player will solve puzzles while exploring Figori Island.

Additionally, the stickers can decorate your home and island. The game takes 2-4 hours, making it ideal for a cozy evening game session.

Developer Ogre Pixel invites all to set sail to Figori Island in this whimsical adventure starring Flynn, a loveable donkey with a heart of gold. Flynn embarks on a journey to learn the truth about their father’s whereabouts. Discover hidden magic and charm along the way, as Flynn realizes the sticker album bestowed upon them holds the power to change the world!

Flynn explores locales including beaches, forests, caves, and swamps to solve environmental puzzles and turn the world upside down. Drag and drop Flynn’s surroundings into the album to turn them into stickers, then strategically place them to forge paths, eliminate obstacles, and help the natives of Figori Island, making friends along the way.

Not all is friendly on Figori, though, as a mischievous Raccoon named Rocky wields his own magical sticker book, creating obstacles blocking Flynn’s path. Stay one step ahead, peeling away hurdles standing between Flynn and their father as they come to understand the power of cherished memories, discovering a greater purpose full of life lessons and teachable moments.