The award-winning cozy mining adventure ‘Core Keeper’ switches next year

Yesterday’s Indie World Showcase featured Core Keeper, a 2024 Switch mining sandbox game, and other adorable games.

Despite being set in a mine, this pixel art farmer/builder has Stardew Valley-like vibes. Core Keeper by Pugstorm draws you into an ancient underground area via a mysterious relic. You can explore the caverns, defeat enemies, upgrade your skills, or gather resources to build a community underground in hopes of escaping.

You can play Core Keeper in an up-to-eight-player online co-op with your community, perfect for task distribution and project collaboration.

After a year of early Steam access, the game has garnered over 22,000 ‘Very Positive’ reviews. The game won ‘Best Social Game 2022’ at the TIGA Games Industry Awards and was nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards last year. This is to say that people like it.

The Switch version will include all base game content and the 1.0 update’s new features. Fireshine Games has more information and screenshots about this one:

Explore a vast cavern full of creatures, relics and resources in this mining sandbox adventure, where up to eight players can work together in online co-op multiplayer.* As an adventurer drawn toward a mysterious relic, it’s up to you to uncover the secrets of this long-forgotten world. Whether you choose to take it slow by gathering resources, growing crops and building bases, or dive into the action by levelling up your skills, battling ancient bosses and exploring the everchanging landscape, Core Keeper invites you to play the game your own way.

As well as a Switch eShop launch next year, Fireshine Games has announced that Core Keeper will be available in physical form from “day one” with pre-orders.