The Switch Remake Includes Super Mario RPG’s Useless Cheat Code

We rated Super Mario RPG on Switch 9/10 as “one of the most faithful HD adaptations we have ever played”. The laugh-only sections and everything else that made the original game weird are back almost 30 years later.

A cheat code previously only available in Japanese copies of the game is now available to everyone. There aren’t many rewards. Almost useless (thanks, The Gamer).

Entering the secret code of Down, Up, Right, Left, L, R, L, R, B (or ZL and ZR if you’re feeling spicy) on the menu screen doesn’t give you boosts, unlockables, or perks. Your stats and XP remain unchanged. Exactly what does it do? What? You can talk to Toad.

The code is an Easter egg that references cheating rather than acting as one. After congratulating you on finding the secret, the Toad checks your unchanged stats and says, “I’ll level with you. No other codes exist. This one will always do this.”

Hah! This nod may seem out of place in other games, but Super Mario RPG has singing tadpoles, napping Nintendo characters, and a smooching Bowser. Anything goes.

That’s it. Take advantage of this opportunity to see what the West was missing out on in Mario RPG codes!