Preorder Two New Pokémon Squishmallows

Pokémon-themed Squishmallows now include Clefairy and Teddiursa, announced earlier this year.

These Squishmallows can be preordered from the US Pokémon website and shipped in 5–9 business days. The 12-inch, $29.99 USD Poké Balls have an embroidered Pokémon Center logo. See it and one of the descriptions:

“In a 12-inch size that’s exclusive to Pokémon Center, this ultra-squeezable Clefairy Squishmallows plush is made with soft, high-quality materials and features Clefairy’s cute ears and sweet smile. It’s perfect for snuggling in the car, on the plane, or at home during a Pokémon movie marathon.”