Splatoon 3’s FrostyFest Returns With Free Gear And A Splatfest

Splatoon 3 has no downtime. After Splatoween, FrostyFest will return in Chill Season 2023.

This event last appeared for Splatoon 2’s “Fam vs. Friend” Splatfest, and this year’s looks similar.

A FrostyFest Splatfest (theme to be announced) will transform Splatsville and Inkopolis into wintery wonderlands with snow and fancy dresses for Deep Cut and the Squid Sisters.

Nintendo will distribute more themed headgear “via the ‘Squid Research Lab Bulletin (Splatoon 3)’ News channel on your Nintendo Switch” for gift-giving. These will be released closer to the event, which has no date yet, but you can see them below.

According to the tweet, we’ll have to wait for more information on this holiday event. Chill Season 2023 begins on December 1, so we should hear about the Splatfest soon.