New Update Brings Dave The Diver’s Dredge DLC, Full Patch Notes

Dave, the rogue dive/restaurant manager The Diver hooked us when it swam onto Switch earlier this year, but its collaborative Dredge DLC (yes, the Lovecraftian fishing game) has sailed into view today, making things even scarier. Have you had enough nautical puns? We have more…

Today, we can see what’s going on with this collaboration, which was announced at the Game Awards. For reel.

Dave the Diver’s latest update (ver. adds new characters, weather systems, a ‘Dredge System’ where you drive Dave’s boat to find the perfect diving spot, creepy sea creatures, and more.

This is in addition to the usual tweaks and fixes. Nexon posted the full patch notes for this update on the game’s forum, which we’ve included below. Update now!

Dave the Diver, ver.


1) New Weather and Character

  • On a foggy night in the Blue Hole, a new character known as the ‘Traveling Merchant’ visits Dave.
    • (Added) A few days must pass after opening the chicken farm in order to reach foggy nights.

2) Boat Controls

  • Dave can now drive the boat around the Blue Hole on foggy nights.

3) Dredge System

  • With the new dredging system, Dave can now dredge at specific locations to obtain various items.

4) Aberrant Fish

  • Dave can now dive in three new locations during the foggy nights.
  • Different types of aberrant fish will appear in each location.

5) New Weapon: Drain Gun

  • Drain Gun: A new weapon that can be acquired through the DLC has been added.

6) New Customers

  • Hooded Figures will now visit Bancho Sushi to order dishes made with aberrant fish.


  • You must download the DLC in order to enjoy the new DREDGE content.

System Improvements

1) Beluga Taxi Improvements

  • Beluga Taxi will now be available until the end of the diving session.
  • Beluga Taxi will remain at the place where Dave gets off and will now wait for Dave after he enters or exits a building.
  • Beluga Taxi will now be marked in the minimap.

2) Load Time Improvements and Optimization

  • The loading time after starting the game has been shortened. (Switch)
  • Underwater currents at various locations have been optimized for smoother performance.
  • The loading time when entering Bancho Sushi has been shortened. (Switch)

3) Sushi Restaurant

  • Bancho Sushi will now be decorated on special days: Halloween, Christmas, and New Year!
    • Special in-game fireworks have also been added on these days. Celebrate the holidays with Dave the Diver!
  • Dave can now only register 99 items from the same menu. (Steam Only)

4) Controller-Related

  • Adjusted where the vibrations of controllers were implemented awkwardly and added missing vibrations.
  • Adjusted the icon UI of the ‘L stick’ with controllers for better user comprehension.

5) Underwater Exploration

  • I added more locations for crab trap placements.
    • More crab traps can be placed in the same region.
  • Eased up on the difficulty of the fights with Thresher Sharks.
  • Improved the animation of when Dave is carving fish so that he can cancel it right away in case he needs to react to other aggressive fish.
  • Loading screens in-between regions will now show a customized display.
  • I added a motion where Dave looks into the camera after a Photo Spot mission.

6) Mobile Apps

  • Added more Cooksta feeds that include characters’ daily lives and more sushi.
  • I edited the background image for the ‘Crab Trap’ category in Marinca.

7) Other Improvements

  • The size of certain texts has been enlarged for player convenience.

Bug Fixes

1) Sushi Restaurant

  • I fixed an issue where the price displayed in Jango’s shop differed from the actual purchase price in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Not Enough Materials’ notification would remain on display even after sending the materials to the branch.
  • Fixed an issue where texts in the sales results window would appear abnormally under certain conditions.
  • Adjusted the timing for the display of certain ingredients during cooking battles to prevent unintended appearances. (Steam Only)
  • (For Mac) Fixed an issue where the background of the sushi restaurant was displayed abnormally in certain situations. (Steam Only)

2) Underwater Exploration

  • I fixed an issue where the animation of the net when collecting the captured fish was invisible. (Steam Only)
  • Fixed an issue where certain terrains were displayed awkwardly.
  • Fixed an issue where certain projectiles were unintentionally bounced off the baseball bat.
  • I corrected the visual anomaly in which the item boxes in the depths seemed to disappear under specific conditions.
  • I fixed an issue where the indications for aggressive fish species were not displayed.
  • I fixed an issue where the camera was focused on unintended places during the Helicoprion boss battle.
  • I fixed an issue where the underwater scooter kept being used in certain situations.
  • I fixed an issue where debuff effects on certain fish species were displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed an issue where shovel and rock attacks affected species with intended immunity.
  • I fixed an issue where the Sea People’s Necklace would not work as intended in certain situations.
  • Adjusted the awkward knockback effects on species that were hit with melee attacks.

3) Mobile Apps

  • I fixed an issue where some Cooksta feeds came up at unintended times.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI texts of certain Cooksta feeds were displayed abnormally in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where some buttons in the Calendar app were not visible in certain situations.

4) Missions

  • Fixed an issue where character dialogue would be displayed awkwardly in certain situations.

5) Farm & Fish Farm

  • Fixed an issue where Otto’s leg would be covered by the terrain in certain situations.

6) Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where UI effects were extended beyond their designated areas.
  • Addressed the in-game mistranslations and issues where certain texts were not displayed.

Dave the Diver has this update and DLC. Are you brave enough to dive?