New Shiren The Wanderer Trailer debuted new roguelike features

In October, Spike Chunsoft confirmed that Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island would head west on February 27. What will the latest roguelike RPG bring? What new features are expected? I wish there was a trailer to answer these burning questions!

There is. Spike Chunsoft revealed some of Shiren the Wanderer’s new mechanics and a brief story summary today.

This game, announced in the Japanese September 2023 Nintendo Direct, takes you to Serpentcoil Island to save a mysterious girl from a monster. You’ll have to explore dangerous dungeons, collect new gear, and defeat monsters to do this. Be careful not to die in this roguelike way, or you’ll start over.

This game introduces several new features to help Shiren and Koppa, his ferret companion, along. Visit the Monster Dojo to practice your fighting skills in a safe place, use Parallel Play to see how other adventurers from around the world are doing in the dungeons, or use some of the new rescue options to extend your run.

After receiving a vision of a mysterious girl held captive by a terrible monster, Shiren and Koppa make their way to Serpentcoil Island―a distant isle rumoured to be the lost stronghold of treasure-hoarding pirates.

To brave the many dangers that await them, Shiren and Koppa must traverse complex dungeons filled with hostile monsters, hidden traps, and useful items. All the gear and experience Shiren accumulates will be lost if he collapses during exploration, so beware of rushing in unprepared! Rescue the mysterious girl and uncover the mystery that clouds Serpentcoil Island.

Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island will release on Switch in physical and digital form in February for $59.99 US, €59.99 UK, and £54.99 UK.