‘Missions & Rewards’ on Switch Online Adds Super Mario Bros. Wonder Icons

Update #2 Switch Online members can now access the final Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons. Grab them before January 9, 2024—this latest batch is limited. New icons include Luigi, Toadette, singing Piranha Plants, and more. Look here:

Update: Switch Online users can now unlock new Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons. This first wave, which runs until December 26, 2023, features Yellow Toad, power-up characters, Nabbit, a talking flower, and Toadette!

Nintendo Everything provided this look:

Previous waves:

Original: Nintendo is promoting Super Mario Bros. Wonder by adding new icons to its Switch Online ‘Missions and Rewards’ scheme.

This new Switch exclusive Mario theme lets you claim icons of Mario, the elephant Mario, the yellow toad, the Wonder Flower, and many other characters. The first wave is available until Oct. 26. Look here:

Character icons cost 10 Platinum Points, and backgrounds and frames cost 5 Platinum Points. Once the first wave of icons ends, another should follow.