A recent report suggests that a notable 8% of developers are currently focused on creating games for the anticipated successor to the Nintendo Switch

Speculation has been swirling about Nintendo’s plans for a potential successor to the Switch. But what other secrets might be lurking in the shadows?

According to the latest findings from the GDC 2024 ‘State of the Game Industry’ report, a notable 8 percent of game developers surveyed are currently engaged in developing a game for the highly anticipated “Switch successor”.

According to a survey conducted by GDC, a significant percentage of developers, along with another group currently working on a game for the Nintendo Switch, were included in the study. The developers behind these games chose to remain anonymous.

In the GDC survey, developers were also asked about their current platform preferences. A significant portion of developers, 32 percent to be exact, have expressed their preference for the successor to the Switch, while 25 percent have indicated that they would still choose the Switch itself.

Developers are already showing keen interest in creating games for a potential successor to the Switch, considering the immense popularity of Nintendo’s current hybrid platform.

It’s important to note that this is just a sample and may not represent the entire industry. It is highly probable that numerous developers are already engaged in the development of projects for upcoming Nintendo hardware. It’s important to note that this survey doesn’t imply that developers have access to new development kits.

Last week, Titan Forge Games expressed their willingness to consider bringing their upcoming release, SMITE 2, to a potential Nintendo platform in the future. They mentioned their concerns about the current system’s power level.

According to an analyst prediction earlier this month, it is expected that a ‘Switch 2’ will be an iterative evolution and come with a price tag of $400.