The latest update for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 introduces exciting new features, including amiibo support. Here, you can find the complete patch notes for this update

With the new year in full swing, Nintendo is gradually getting back into the swing of things by bringing us fresh game releases, exciting Switch Online subscription content, and timely game updates. Nintendo has recently rolled out a fresh update for its highly popular RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

It coincides with the release of today’s Noah and Mio amiibo launch, which adds extra features to the game. Scanning them in-game will grant you access to exclusive clothing items for both characters. It’s worth mentioning that you have the opportunity to meet specific requirements and earn rewards that are remarkably similar to the unlocks you get from amiibo.

Providing you with all the details, straight from Nintendo’s support page:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Version 2.2.0 (Released January 18, 2024)

Additional Functionality

  • Now compatible with “Noah” and “Mio” amiibo. By scanning the amiibo in “System” > “amiibo” in the menu screen, you will be able to use the following special clothing items:.
    • Noah amiiboYou can acquire the “N’s Consul Suit” outfit for Noah. You can also get variations without Noah, Lanz, or Euni’s jacket.
    • Mio amiiboYou can acquire the “M’s Consul Suit” outfit for Mio. You can also get variations without Mio, Sena, or Taion’s jacket.
  • Fulfill certain conditions and talk to the NPC Miibomii at Llyn Nyddwr Camp in the Fornis region to receive rewards identical to what would be received with the Noah or Mio amiibo.

Again, this update is timed in with the release of the new Noah and Mio amiibo. They’ll be available in a special double pack for $39.99 or £34.99. You can see the costumes they unlock in our previous coverage here on Nintendo Life: