Fire Emblem Engage is celebrating its first anniversary with the release of the ‘Emblem Ring’ capsule toy line

As Fire Emblem Engage for the Nintendo Switch celebrates its first anniversary, Takara Tomy Arts introduces the ’emblem ring’ capsule toy line.

As pointed out by Siliconera, this line includes the 12 rings from the base game and will be released in two separate runs this month and in February 2024. These will be obtainable from capsule machines for a price of 300 yen (~$2) and have a size of 2.2cm (~0.87 inches). The figures are crafted from zinc alloy and feature a sleek metallic coating. Additionally, each figure is adorned with the game’s distinctive logo.

“Volume 1 will appear first with Marth, Sigurd, Celica, Micaiah, Roy, and Leif’s rings in late January 2024. Volume 2 will follow later in late February 2024, and it will complete the roster with Lyn, Lucina, Ike, Byleth, Corrin, and Eirika’s rings.”

Regrettably, there is no indication of any potential official release outside of Japan. Rest assured, if any updates come to light, we will keep you informed. Following the release of some anniversary artwork by one of the game’s artists last weekend, this news has emerged. Feel free to take a look at it in our previous post: