Pokémon enthusiasts eagerly turn their attention to the captivating creature designs of Palworld

Palworld, the recently released game on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass, has already achieved impressive sales of over one million copies. However, it has also garnered attention for some noteworthy aspects.

As pointed out by IGN, a number of Pokémon enthusiasts have turned to social media and various online platforms to discuss the perceived “similarities” between the monster designs in Palworld and Nintendo’s renowned franchise. They argue that these resemblances are not mere coincidences and accuse specific ‘Pals’ of being blatant copies of Pokémon designs.

Palworld is being marketed as an “open-world survival and crafting game,” despite featuring monster-catching elements. Other online commentary has also highlighted the presence of Pokémon-inspired designs in this game, citing titles such as Temtem and Coromon as examples.

Here’s a selection of the comparison posts circulating on social media, along with additional commentary:

If you’re interested in delving deeper into Palworld and determining its value, make sure to visit our sister site, Pure Xbox. The team has had a great time exploring the preview build of the game. Here’s a brief excerpt from its hands-on experience:

“What immediately stuck out to us were the game’s open-world elements though, combining the likes of base-building, crafting, farming and exploration. Because of these, Palworld doesn’t feel like your bog-standard Pokémon clone by any means. Yes, you catch Pals, train ‘em up and everything you’d expect from the ‘gotcha’ loop – there’s even a Paldex of sorts – but Palworld plays much more like your Valheim and Ark survival games, and there’s even a hint of Breath of the Wild’s gliding, climbing and stamina bar too.”