Super Kiwi 64, a platformer reminiscent of the N64 era, will be receiving a free update on the Nintendo Switch next week

Super Kiwi 64, the 3D platformer in the style of Nintendo 64, is set to receive an exciting update next week on January 26th. This update, titled ‘Doomsday’, is sure to bring even more thrills to the game. Feel free to watch the short cinematic in the trailer above for a glimpse into what you can expect.

The upcoming update will feature main story cutscenes, save files, and time trials. Here’s the announcement from the game’s creator, who also mentions that it will be more enjoyable for those who have played Macbat 64 and Toree 3D.

This is a kinda bonkers and rather experimental update for Super kiwi 64! I don’t know what I was thinking, it just happened and it might feel a bit raw since I got out of my comfort zone and tried a lot of new things… hope you still enjoy it either way! It’s coming January 26th to the Steam and Switch version of Super Kiwi 64 and like I said: It’s free! Also yes: This is way more enjoyable to people who have played Macbat 64 and Toree 3D, but it should be fine either way

Super Kiwi 64 Update coming NEXT WEEK for free! 🥝🥝🥝

Coming to Switch and Steam on January 26th!— Marcus (@SIACTRO) January 20, 2024

When Super Kiwi 64 first launched on the Switch, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience with it. It can be purchased for a very affordable price of $2.99 or £2.69 on the Switch eShop.