Retro City Rampage Will Never be on Wii U

Retro City Rampage will never be on Wii U explained developer Brian Provinciano. He is the sole creator of Retro City Rampage, which saw release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC, Xbox 360, WiiWare, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4. The game is a retro-style action adventure with heavy emphasis on referencing older titles and pop culture in its gameplay. He states that if you desire to play the game you can put the Wii u in Wii mode and play it via the WiiWare store. He then explains further that the Wii U hardware uses a very different architecture system than the Wii. He would also have to reapply for rating, e-manual, icon, testing, and localization, all of it being not worth the effort and money put in. He believes he wouldn’t be adequately compensated, both because of the Wii U’s smaller audience when compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 but also because interest in the game has declined due to it already being out on a multitude of other systems. The game runs in 240p and upping it to 1080p doesn’t change the graphics in any major way and instead just enlarges the pixels.

He states that the WiiWare version accounted for 1% of the sales. The game overall was a success, with 400,000 copies sold. However the WiiWare version was a failure and he understand why other publishers canceled their WiiWare titles. The Nintendo 3DS title added “DX” to the title and also outsold the Xbox 360 version’s sales worldwide in the U.S. alone. He concedes that the Wii U eShop is better than WiiWare but that the WiiWare version was basically finished when eShop became an option. Additionally Retro City Rampage was never intended to be a Wii exclusive despite conflicting first reports of the game. Lastly he has purchased a development kit for the Wii U and will consider future games for the system, just not Retro City Rampage.