The May 24th release date for Suicide Squad has not been pushed back officially

Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League’s PS5 release date is May 26. We’re awaiting confirmation that the co-op action-shooter has been delayed.

On March 9, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reported a postponement. A follow-up piece indicated Suicide Squad could be delayed until 2024.

It’s worth repeating that such a delay would not change the game’s systems, which were mercilessly criticized during February’s State of Play demonstration. The delay would let the development team polish, according to reports.

Again, this delay hasn’t occurred. Not publicly. With Suicide Squad coming out in six weeks, the announcement must be near.

Can Suicide Squad not be delayed? We wouldn’t disbelieve Schreier in this circumstance, but it depends on Rocksteady’s office. If plans have altered multiple times, the office must be in disarray.


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