Switch Online Racer F-Zero 99 has just received another update, bringing it to version 1.2.1

Following a substantial update at the end of last month, Nintendo has now released another one for its Switch Online racer, F-Zero 99.

This particular update, which can be seen as more of a patch, brings the game to Version 1.2.1. This update includes a crucial fix that addresses a problem where players could get derailed upon leaving the Skyway. If any further information comes to light regarding this recent update, we will be sure to keep you informed.

Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo’s support page:

F-Zero 99, Ver. 1.2.1 (Released February 7, 2024)

Fixed Issue

– Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause players to land off the track when exiting the Skyway on the secret track based on MUTE CITY I that occasionally appears in the F-ZERO 99 mode.

Now, let’s talk about updating your copy of the game in case it doesn’t happen automatically upon launch:

  1. Ensure a seamless online experience by connecting your Nintendo Switch console to the internet
  2. To update your software without launching the game or application, simply select the corresponding icon from the HOME Menu
  3. Use the + button or – button on your controller. The software title will show the current version number
  4. Choose the option for Software updates, and then select Via the Internet