New Sonic-Style Kickstarter Project ‘Rollin’ Rascal’ Reaches Switch Goal

Our sister site Time Extension recently covered an exciting new Kickstarter project called Rollin’ Rascal, which draws inspiration from the beloved Sonic games. The highly anticipated 3D platformer from Curiomatic has been confirmed for release on both PC and the Nintendo Switch, delighting fans of the genre.

Thanks to the successful funding of the Kickstarter project, it has now reached its stretch goal of $100,000. Presenting the official announcement and artwork:

“We are very excited to announce that Rollin’ Rascal will officially be releasing on the Nintendo Switch! All Kickstarter backers with a Digital Reward of the game will be able to redeem it on either Steam or Nintendo Switch. We can’t wait to share more as we move froward with the Nintendo Switch edition of Rollin’ Rascal.”

Players will assume the role of Rasscal, a lightning-fast protagonist, as they navigate a vibrant and enchanting universe. Prepare for an immersive storyline, thrilling battles, and the option to connect with others through online multiplayer. The game will feature a lively soundtrack that complements the fast-paced 3D platforming. The release date for this title is set for 2026, with a PC demo available for players to try out.