Prepare to be amazed! Season 5 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers introduces Cross-Play Feature

Bandai Namco revealed the release date for Season 5 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers on February 29, 2024.

The update introduces the new “double raider” team Zamasu and Goku Black (obtainable with TP tokens), who collaborate to carry out the “Zero Mortal Plan.”. Three new survivor skins have been added: Future Mai, Puar (TP Tokens), and Jaco (via Dragon Tier).

The developers have announced upcoming additional content such as new Transpheres (Broly), a free new map (Dark Future), new accessories, customizable items, emotes, and a vehicle skin.

Included in this update is the highly anticipated addition of cross-play functionality. Players can enjoy cross-platform gameplay on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam, connecting with users from different platforms to expand their circle of friends and competitors. Players have the option to toggle cross-play on and off within the game menu.