Valiant Hearts: The Great War arrives on PS4 Following Netflix Exclusivity

Ubisoft’s emotional game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, received high praise when it was released on the PS4 nearly ten years ago. However, fans had to wait a while for its sequel to finally come out. Released by Old Skull Games, the sequel, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, premiered exclusively for Netflix subscribers last year. It was released for the PS4 on March 7th.

The blurb describes the story of two brothers navigating the challenges of World War I, striving to survive the harsh realities of the trenches and reunite. Paths will intersect with new characters who will experience the thrill of coming together and overcoming the challenges of the Western Front. Similar to a game critic’s analysis, historical fact is intertwined with fiction, delving into the lives of everyday individuals facing extraordinary circumstances.

The game is priced at £12.99/$14.99, but there is also an option to purchase a bundle with both titles in the series for £20.99/$24.99. If you haven’t experienced these games yet and enjoy emotionally impactful narrative adventures, we highly suggest giving them a try.