The initial review score for Rise of the Ronin on PS5 is incredibly high

Japanese publication Famitsu has published a review score for the upcoming PS5 game Rise of the Ronin. The game received an impressive total of 37/40 from four reviewers. The scores for each game are quite impressive, with three receiving a 9/10 and one earning a perfect 10/10. We will be publishing our comprehensive assessment of the PS5 on Thursday, coinciding with the lifting of the review embargo.

The overall rating aligns with the scores given to previous Team Ninja games by Famitsu. All three games, Nioh, Nioh 2, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, received a solid rating of 36/40.

In our preview of Rise of the Ronin for the PS5, we observed that although the initial hours held some potential, we have yet to be truly impressed by the overall experience. “When comparing Rise of the Ronin to Team Ninja’s previous titles, one can’t help but notice the significant increase in scale, scope, and depth.” We questioned whether it was actually better. “Currently, it’s quite challenging to make a definitive statement. The experience has been consistently average to above average in its opening couple of hours, but it has yet to truly impress us with a standout mission or thrilling sequence that demonstrates why Sony chose to support the game.

Once again, our review of Rise of the Ronin for the PS5 will be available on our website this Thursday. What are your thoughts on this initial score? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.