For free, Brotato is getting new DLC and couch co-op for four people

Brotato, the top-down arena shooter roguelite, is set to receive an exciting new DLC this summer called Abyssal Horrors.

In addition to introducing fresh potatoes, items, and weapons, the update will also bring forth new maps that will whisk you away to the mysterious depths, along with a plethora of new weapons to wield. One of the most thrilling aspects of this game is the addition of a free four-player couch co-op update, allowing you to join forces with your friends and family.

I’m providing you with all the details straight from the Steam page, and don’t forget to watch the trailer above.

The DLC will include: 20 new waves of enemies and bosses
10+ new characters
10+ weapons
30+ new items
And more!

The free local co-op update will include: local co-op for up to 4 players
game balancing adjustments,
– Fixes
New content

For those who haven’t played Brotato before, you play as a potato that has to use up to six weapons at once to kill waves of aliens. You can choose from different traits and items along the way to make different builds that will help you stay alive.