Atari has enlisted the expertise of WayForward to develop Yars Rising, a highly anticipated game set to release on both the PS5 and PS4 later this year

Atari has exciting news for fans of the Yars’ Revenge series! They have recently announced a collaboration with WayForward, the talented developers behind Shantae and River City Girls. Together, they are working on a brand new entry in the series called Yars Rising. Set to release later this year, the game was unveiled during today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase and will also be available on PS5 and PS4. Take a look at the reveal trailer above.

Yars Rising is a game that combines elements of Metroidvania, platforming, stealth and combat, and retro-inspired minigames. WayForward will leverage their storytelling expertise to create a narrative where a young Emi Kimura embarks on a mission to infiltrate the enigmatic Qotech corporation. Embark on a thrilling journey filled with action-packed gameplay and thrilling plot twists as you navigate through a vast and mysterious sci-fi world. Join Emi as she delves into the enigma of the corporation’s well-kept secret and unravels her unexplainable connection to a distant extraterrestrial civilization.

According to Atari chairman and CEO Wade Rosen, the collaboration with WayForward was a strategic decision. Rosen praised WayForward’s impressive ability to craft captivating narratives and build immersive worlds, making them an ideal fit for reimagining one of Atari’s beloved game franchises. Fans are sure to be thrilled with the latest installment in the Yars series, Yars Rising. It promises to deliver an exciting and engaging chapter in the beloved storyline.

Will you be eagerly anticipating the release of Yars Rising towards the end of 2024? We would greatly appreciate your feedback in the comments section.