A legend in the world of strategy Jake Solomon provides an insightful analysis of the areas where Marvel’s Midnight Suns fell short

The news of Jake Solomon, a prominent figure in the world of game development, departing from Firaxis to establish his own studio, Midsummer Studios, has caught many by surprise. What’s particularly intriguing is his decision to transition from the strategy genre to the life simulation genre. Reflecting on the opportunity to create something entirely different, Soloman pondered the shortcomings of his previous game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Midnight Suns is a fantastic game that stays true to the XCOM formula, which is well-known for its association with Solomon. It expertly combines social elements with a card-based combat system. The game received high praise from both critics and players, but unfortunately, it failed to meet commercial expectations. In an interview with VGC, he points out that the cards were likely the main culprit: “I believe the cards played a significant role in the issue. The design solution was commendable, but I underestimated the potential perception of the mechanic being cards. Although not everyone on my team was initially supportive, they ultimately placed their trust in me.

The game’s reception was far from ideal, according to Soloman. He expressed disappointment with how players reacted to Midnight Suns, stating that the most common response was surprise, which is not the desired reaction. This response does not resonate with a wide audience.

What are your thoughts on Marvel’s Midnight Suns? Have you had a chance to give it a try? Were the cards, as Soloman suggests, the root of the issue? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.