The PS5 introduces a brand new PS2 emulator with exciting features such as up-rendering, rewind, quick saves, and more

Sony has previously attempted to bring back some of the beloved classics from the PS2 era on the PS4. However, the execution of the emulator left much to be desired, leading the platform holder to eventually withdraw its support. After a series of successful PS1 and PSP re-releases, the Japanese company is expanding its collection by introducing more PS2 titles to both the PS5 and PS4. To enhance the gaming experience, they have developed a new emulator.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was rumored to be on the horizon, and Sony confirmed this in their recent Days of Play update. The game will be downloadable starting June 11th for PS Plus Premium members, along with the classic platformers Sly Cooper and Thievius Raccoonus and Tomb Raider: Legend.

However, the most exciting part is that all of these games will utilize a brand new emulator that includes features like up-rendering, rewinding, quick save, and custom video filters. This update is expected to greatly enhance the overall user experience for these three games, and it is likely that Sony will continue to implement similar improvements for other titles in the future.

It will be intriguing to observe if the Japanese company decides to revisit and enhance their previously launched PS2 games, such as Twisted Metal Black and Ape Escape 2. It would be fantastic if Rockstar decided to revisit some of their older games, such as Bully. This boarding school simulation has become a bit rough and challenging to play by today’s standards, but it would greatly benefit from the addition of quick save and rewind features.