Temple Run 2 the Annoying Orange strikes again

Temple Run 2 walkthrough by the Annoying Orange.

The setting of Temple Run 2 is different from others but maintains the Indiana Jones like scenes and feeling. The scenery is not as repetitive and it is more interesting and varied. You control your character very easily, by swiping the touchscreen left and right to turn, or down and up to jump over or slide under obstacles. To maneuver your character into the path of coins you have to tilt your device. In Temple Run 2 your character will accelerate on his own over time. This makes the game quite difficult, forcing you to concentrate not only on the next turn or obstacle but also on collecting as many coins as possible. These obstacles include sharp turns, waterfalls, mine tracks, zip-lines and jets of fire. Coins can unlock new power-ups, characters and character abilities for you. These power-ups can help you survive longer by activating a protecting shield, propel you forward at super speeds or draw all coins toward you like a magnet. You also need to plan out what abilities you will invest in first. The other thing to keep an eye out for while running is gems. Gems can resurrect you if you die in Temple Run 2 without any penalties but it will double the demand of gems needed for this action every time you use it.

Temple Run 2 is almost identical to Subway Surfers, so we made a comparison here Subway Surfers vs Temple Run 2