Wolfenstein: Bringing Back the Real Nazi Zombie

It would be impossible in this day and age for someone to not be familiar with World War II.  There are movies, and games, dealing with the science of the war and the individuals who fought in it.  For some of us, reliving those particular moments of history give us a fraction of what the war was like.  At the same time, the bulk of these have dealt with the Nazi obsession of the occult.  For those of you who aren’t history buffs, the Nazis were sifting for mythical pieces of power that would give them an edge in the Western Front.  They were also developing unique weapons, some of them being immortalized in video game culture.

Steadily, we’re seeing a return of the World War II genre.  Wolfenstein: The New Order brought us Bethesda take on the Nazi war machine.  It took away the occult feel of the franchise, and instead gave players technological Nazi marvels.  However, the recent Wolfenstein: The Old Blood trailer hints the franchise is returning to its cult-like feel. At the end of the trailer, we see something so thrilling, it would be hard to not scream from excitement.  Yes players, the real Nazi zombies are crawling back to us.

In the trailer, we see B.J. Blaskowicz picking up a double barrel shot gun off the floor.  He has a hacksaw in one hand and proceeds to shortening the barrel.  Before we know it, something falls into a burning pile of wood.  It gets up slowly and shambles it way to our hero. Blaskowicz frantically picks up his pace.


The Old Blood is considered a prequel to The New Order.  It is also split up into two parts.  Part One has players looking around Castle Wolfenstein in an effort to find the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compund, while Part Two has players dealing with a Nazi archaeologist who attempts to tap into an unknown dark power.  From what has been shown, there will be a new variety of weapons for players to kill Nazis with.  These range from a bolt action rifle to the Kampfpistol.  There’s no need to rush in purchasing this game.  We still have a couple weeks to occupy our time with Destiny and Dying Light. 

The Old Blood is set to arrive on May 5th, being priced at $20.00.