Dota 2: TI4 prize pool already over $3 million thanks to Compendium

Valve has released the Compendium for the most important Dota 2 event of the year, The International 2014. The Compendium is an interactive digital book that allows players to keep track of teams and matches. The item costs $10 and adds $2.5 to The International 2014 prize pool with each purchase made.

As of this writing, the total prize pool has reached more than $3 million from the $1.6 million that was originally added by Valve. By comparison, last year’s International only featured a $2.8 million prize pool which means that we’re already looking at a new record for this year. The Compendium features multiple stretch goals which offer a variety of rewards to owners. However, certain stretch goals can unlock rewards for all Dota 2 players, Compendium owners or not.

The latest stretch goal was unlocked when the prize pool reached $2.9 million, and it awarded all players with the All Random Deathmatch mode. The next reward will be given at $3.2 million and consists of a treasure chest containing Valve created Immortal items. Valve also mentions that an extra treasure will be given for every 10 Compendium levels.

This scoring and leveling system is a new feature that was only introduced this year. “Every 100 points will level up your Compendium. You’ll receive extra immortal treasures, obtain new custom in-game effects, get bonus Loading Screens and increase your Battle Point Booster percentage as you progress.” You gain points by completing certain tasks like: picking your favorite team(25 points), voting on the all-star match(50 points), collecting 5 player cards(25 points) or completing 10 hero challenges(300 points), among others.

A post on the Dota 2 website mentions a few more benefits of leveling up your Compendium. For example, once the item reaches level 4, you gain access to The International 2014 courier Lieutenant Squawkins. Alternate styles will be available for the courier at level 24 and level 41. Compendium owners also receive an Evolving Battle Point Booster this year. This item stacks with other boosters that you have active and increases the percentage of battle points gained as you level up your Compendium.

The International 2014 takes place July 18-21 at the KeyArena in Seattle, and features 16 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world. 11 teams have already been invited to the event, while another 4 will be decided during the Regional Qualifiers which take place from May 12 through May 25. The runner-ups will then compete for the last spot in a mini tournament that will be held in Seattle shortly before the main event. The 10.000 tickets that went on sale for TI4 last month were gone within an hour.