3D Realms and Interceptor unveil Bombshell

3D Realms and Interceptor have announced their new game called Bombshell. The game is supposed to come out early next year and it is an Action RPG, not so different from titles like Diablo and Dungeon Siege. The curious thing about this game is the fact that it didn’t start out like Bombshell, but was previously supposed to be a Duke Nukem ARPG.

Gamers who read the news in the past few months might have heard something about a new Duke Nukem game called Mass Destruction which was supposed to be a new game featuring the titular anti-hero. The genre was a curious choice for a Duke game, but fans ran along with it, especially because the game was coming from 3D Realms, the father of the license, and Interceptor, a studio which was founded in order to create a Duke 3D remake.

Sadly for them, Gearbox Software came in and sued the two companies for using the Duke Nukem name. Of course, the IP was sold to Gearbox in 2010, when 3D Realms basically fired everyone and was ready to close up shop. With a game in production and no rights to the license, 3D Realms decided to resurrect a character that was once planned to be included in Duke Nukem Forever, and change the main protagonist. That’s how we got Bombshell. She is the female version of Duke, and the trailer below proves it. She’s the kind of girl who watches the news while drinking whiskey, riding motorcycles and shooting evil aliens in the face.

And we wouldn’t want her to be any different. Even though Bombshell will not be a real Duke Nukem game, it’s clear that the vibe of the series is still there, and the screenshots posted on the official website are decent enough to make us keep a close eye on this game. The Q1 2015 release date is not final, though, the team at Interceptor saying that the game will be out “when it’s done” (do you see a resemblance to Duke here?).

The platforms chosen for this game are PC and PlayStation 4 and it’s being built on an undisclosed version of Unreal Engine. Both parties seem to be quite excited by the Bombshell IP, promising a whole franchise around this character. Also, PC fans should be happy to hear that mod support is planned.