Gmail 4.8 update brings Save to Drive and more!

Gmail’s new 4.8 update has arrived, bringing UI tweaks and some new features as well. The Gmail app is now able to save attachments to Google Drive so you can access them anytime from anywhere. The Settings, Help and Feedback got moved to the overflow panel on the left and the pull-to-refresh animation got changed from light blue to Google colors. The “hamburger” menu can be accessed from any screen now, not just in particular mail folders.

Getting back to the overflow panel, it now displays your account images if you have more then one. When your inpox is empty, with no more new emails to read, Gmail will display the text: “You’re all done! Please enjoy your day!”. Not an important feature but a nice touch from Google’s part. The new update also adds images to specific folders. The Inbox, Spam and Trash folders will show fun graphics if you empty them completely, while other folders will display a text saying “There is no mail here”.

Some of the new features brought by the new update.

The new 4.8 update will also bring Spam explanation if you were wandering why Google categorizes some emails as spam. The new RTL support might not mean much to users who are reading and writing from left to right but other languages that use right to left writing will benefit greatly from this. Accessing setting and folders is faster and easier with the new update as you will find all necessary information on the slide-out “hamburger” . Viewing images on their own wasn’t possible until now on previous versions of the Gmail app. The new update give you this option. Previous to this update the app did not display long messages that were truncated. Now this is no longer an issue, you can see your whole messages no matter how long they are.

The new update brings a cleaner look to the Gmail android app along with some great new options that were holding the app back from being great. With the save to Drive feature added to it, the Gmail app might enjoy even bigger popularity then before. You can download the apk. from here if you don’t want to wait for the roll out. For more information you can check out the change-log provided by Google here.