QuickCircle – Wireless charging case for the LG G3

LG unveiled a wireless charging case that allows you to use the phone without opening the flap, dubbed QuickCircle. The case features a circular window, hence the name, so you can make calls, send text messages, take photos and even “get an update of your health” as LG stated, without opening the cover. The case has a feature called Smart Lighting that streams a white glow whenever the phone tries to get your attention. For instance, when you get a text or a call comes in, the soft light will glow in the case’s window to alert you. The software development kit allows app builders to make all sorts of cool apps for the case, which could also notify you through the window.

Whenever you need to charge your phone, just put the QuickCircle case on and place the device on a wireless charging pad that uses the Qi Standard to charge your phone, without any unaesthetic cables. The LG G3 smartphones are not the only ones that can charge wireless when a case is added. Samsung was also smart enough to add a wireless charging case to its Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets. HTC also introduced a wireless charging case called the HTC Dot View, which has many small holes. So when the flap is closed and, for instance, you receive a call on your HTC One M8,  the device has cool dot matrix display.

With the HTC Dot View case you see the info (like the time, the weather or a caller’s name) on the whole screen, while with the QuickCircle you get, well, a big circle that shows that information. The case makes the phone look like a cyclops, with a big eye that glows from time to time to get your attention. And that’s cool enough, if we may say so. As the Dot View, LG’s wireless charging case comes in many colors including black, white, gold, pink and a shade of bluish green called “Aqua Mint”.

LG’s new flagship, which turned out to be two different variants of the G3, will be revealed on Tuesday. The company has been teasing us with the new G3 and decided to continue the teasing with this cool new feature. The QuickCircle wireless charging case and the LG G3 devices will be officially introduced on 27 June at an event in London. We can’t wait to see what other surprises LG prepared for this  event.