HTC to launch HTC One E8 in China

Apparently, the latest rumor about HTC launching a plastic version of the One M8 in China has some truth in it. Previously rumored as HTC One Vogue Edition, or as HTC One M8 Advance or Ace, the smartphone is actually called HTC One E8, and yes, it will be launched in China. Whether the device will find its way outside the Chinese borders is still uncertain. Considering HTC chose to go with a silent debut, the E8 might be available in China only. The E8 has a polycarbonate body, while its role model the M8 has a smooth, premium metal build. It also comes in multiple flashy color options, so perhaps going for a fashionable plastic appearance was a good choice after all.

There was no official press release that we know of, so we have no clue why HCT decided to release one of their own smartphones “secretly”. Regarding the device, only a few details were released on HTC China’s website, which only managed to prolong the agony. The One E8 features a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and HTC BoomSound audio system. It will be available in at least four color options and it will feature a 13 MP rear camera, a front-facing 5.0 MP secondary camera. Plus, it will come with dual-lens Duo Camera instead of a single lens and LED flash, unlike the One M8. Considering the 13 MP camera, we can assume HCT opted for the same camera featured by the HTC One Mini 2. If the E8 and the One Vogue Edition are one and the same device, then the E8 will also feature a 5-inch display with a 1080p resolution, 2GB RAM and two storage options, 16GB or32GB.

Considering many recent rumors have already turned out to be nothing but mere assumptions, we’ll have to wait for HCT to make an official announcement in order to know for sure. It remains to be seen whether the E8 will be launched on 3 June in China, as rumors stated.